About us

 Antiques and Decorative Interior from all over Europe

We are proud to present about 1700 square meters filled with antiques and quriosa. Welcome to a wonderful and nostalgic atmosphere situated in the historic 'Union' factory building at 'Skotfoss Brug', outside Skien in Telemark. Scenic environment surrounds the store premises, with the lake 'Norsjø' on one side and the 'Telemark Canal Løveid' only a short distance away on the other side. Visiting us also provides opportunities to wander the beautiful areas around the lovely 'Kulturstien', along the canal or historical 'Røråsen'.

The huge range of antiques and decorative objects we offer, comes from a large number of countries in Europe as well as Norway! We import from and have lots of contacts and suppliers, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands and England, and our product range shows a broad spectrum, with many unique antiques and objects reflecting this exciting continent!

Buyer pays SHIPPING COST or come to the shop and collect the antiques themselves.

We co-operate with transporters giving us the opportunity to send antiques ANYWHERE IN NORWAY!

In order to get good deals on freight and delivery, we try to send several items in one load, to several customers. This way we get as favorable as possible conditions for the individual customer. It means that if you have the opportunity 'to wait a little while’ before receiving the item you bought, then the price for shipping will be more reasonable. But it does not require that you MUST wait! If a person wants a fast delivery, there is of course a possibility for that, provided that the customer wants to pay the price it would cost to deliver. With regards to sending antiques, it is difficult to give a 'price quote' in general, but having a close co-operation with the transporting company, we are able to quickly offer freight costs for items customers consider buying. 

We offer free transport within the ‘Grenland area’,
that is the Skien region, Porsgrunn region and Bamble region!

Regarding any order

If you find antiques or decorative objects you consider buying, please send a request
by filling out the contact form located under the "INFO" in the top menu.


We can also be contacted by phone:

Mob. 0047 95 24 72 92


Payment Information

Bank account: 2801.23.77411

We do have a BANK TERMINAL in the store!

Antiques bought via website/phone/email must be pre-paid to our bank account number or paid cash on delivery or by credit- or debit card when collected in the store.

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You are all welcome to ask questions, share ideas and other comments regarding the historical, aesthetic and functionality of the antique world.

Opening Hours

EVERY WEDNESDAY  FROM 12 a.m – 5 p.m and EVERY SATURDAY FROM 11 a.m - 5 p.m

Otherwise by appointment.


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 Gamle Union Brug Antikk



Bilde av Gamle Skotfoss Brug hvor vi
holder til i øverste etasje. Nærmere 1700 kvm med antikviteter, snurrepiperier osv


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